An example of VTK Reflector use

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VTK console
(input in black, output in red)
Reflector actions
Launching VTK ... Site dependent.
Creating a first object
% vtkConeSource _c
Launching Reflector on objects named _* and vtkTemp*
% source reflect.tcl
% reflect _* vtkTemp*
A new TopLevel window pops up, the only object found and displayed is _c
Look at _c contents   Clic on _c in the listbox and hit button Print, it displays : 
vtkConeSource (0x1403acc80) 
 Debug: Off 
 Modified Time: 2
Look at _c known methods   With _c still selected, hit button Methods, it displays : 
Methods from vtkObject: 
Apply SetRadius method on _c
 _c SetRadius 2 : 
With _c still selected, 
  • scroll down Methods list,
  • click on SetRadius word,
  • click right mouse button, the line _c SetRadius appears in bottom entry
  • complete command line with method argument (2 for example)
  • click on Exec button

Apply GetOutput method on _c
_c GetOutput  : vtkTemp0
Same as below, select GetOutput method and Exec
A new VTK anonymous Object (vtkTemp0) is created and shown in the listbox on the left. 
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