VTK Reflector 

  1. To use it
  2. User interface
  3. Hints
  4. Example
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  6. Changes
[small screen snapshot - 5KB]

Here is VTK Reflector, a small tool using TCL and VTK reflection properties.

With reflector, you can browse among VTK objects you have created, display their contents and known methods names, and apply them.

If you already knew VTK Reflector previous version, you may go directly to changes.

To use it:

From inside TCL script source or under VTK shell, execute :
  source reflect.tcl
  reflect <a-regexp>
  reflect <regexp-1> <regexp-2> ...
 to browse objects matching a given regular expression <a-regexp> in the first case,
 or matching <regexp-1> OR <regexp-2> OR ... in the 2nd case (see example).

User interface :

A new TopLevel window is popped up and splitted into a left and a right part.
(You'll find here a full size window snapshot (14 KB)).  
    You may select an object by clicking on its name in the objects list. 
    You now may display its contents by hitting the "Print" button, 
    and its applicable methods with the "Methods" button. 
    Once methods have been listed, you may also apply one of them by : 
    • pasting it into the command line by clicking on method (underlined) name
    • optionally complete or edit the text generated in the command line
    • execute it by pressing "Exec" button or hit return key
    The output of the executed command will appear in the window associated with the tcl interpreter. 
You may look to the example given here.

Hints :

So when following the first convention, a way to call reflector would be :

Example :

You'll find here a small example of reflector use.

Download :

Reflector is written in TCL/TK with no version requirement.
It runs under the TCL/TK interface of VTK.
Current version for reflect is 1.2, this page is about this version.
   To copy file, you'll probably have to hold SHIFT key when clicking HERE.

Changes :

Here are changes with previous (unnamed, released in March '98) version :

Bugs :

Please report bugs or contributions to Robert Riviere.